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Do you love animals?

Download our new game Idle Star Zoo and save them all!


Available for iOS and Android.


Idle Star Zoo

Imagine 64 animals of all types, from the relaxed capybara to the majestic Dragon, living freely and happily with their young inside a huge alien spacecraft that we created to save and protect all animals in the universe.

That's your goal at Idle Star Zoo. But first you have to save them all! The download is free and so is the fun.

Little Dino Zoo.jpg
Little Dino Zoo_Icon.PNG

Little Dino Zoo

Explore the Jurassic period and discover ancient animals (amazing dinosaurs) in Little Dino Zoo! Bring visitors to your park and grow the best zoo ever!  

Little Star Zoo.PNG
Little Star Zoo_Icon.PNG

Little Star Zoo

Little Star Zoo is a clicker where you save animals and can expand your zoo. All you have to do is click away, make lots of money, merge your animals and have loads of fun!

Heroes vs Horde.PNG
Heroes vs Horde_Icon.PNG

Heroes Vs Horde

Heroes vs. Horde is a comic book superheroes inspired roguelite game that puts you against a legion of villains to battle, upgrade powers and become even stronger.

Fire Survivors.PNG
Fire Survivors_Icon.PNG

Fire Survivors

In Fire Survivors you must fight a horde of fire monsters that want to burn everything in their path! Use your water weapons to put out the fires, but careful to not get burned!

Shopping Madness.PNG
Shopping Madness_Icon.PNG

Shopping Madness

Are you ready to fight to get the bargains you want? The store is full and everyone's insane for the best deals of the season. Push the competition and let's go on a shopping spree!

Scratch Up.PNG
Scratch Up_Icon.PNG

Scratch Up!

An app to relax and have fun! Scratch the screen to reveal super cute artworks! Can you complete your collection with 3 stars in every picture?

Stack and Merge 3D.PNG
Stack and Merge 3D_Icon.PNG

Stack and Merge 3D!

Stack and Merge is a new, fun twist to the classic 2048 mobile game. Here you need not only merge the numbers into larger ones but stack them into huge piles! 



HandZone is a simple and very challenging memory game that will make your day better and your memory amazing.

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