HANDZONE is a light, fun, enjoyable and casual app for all ages.

There are 2 simple but challenging multiplayer minigames for you to play and compete against players around the world.


HANDS ON - an action game where lots of attention and a little bit of luck can make a difference.

Take good care of your hands and try to avoid stings or bites from the strange inhabitants of this planet.

But if they occur, don’t worry: your hands can be infinitely restored.


HANDS ZOOM - a different and delicious intergalactic memory game with MEMOMAX® quality.

There are 3 levels of difficulty and innovative mechanics that you will enjoy.

Be aware of the different beings that come to the table. The stranger they are, the more points you get.


The eyes are there in the 2 games, and their function is to be supportive and fun. They can vibrate with a good move of yours, laugh at a silly mistake, or even cry when you miss a move. They're friends at every moment!


Download for free and have fun with your friends. You can shop within the app.


Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. More languages ​​coming soon.

Download it now:

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