If you like to play POKER just for fun, without betting, and also like a good game of dice, you should try these 2 games. Both are based on the rules of Texas Hold'em and were created to provide some new challenges for lovers of this type of Poker.


Although they have the same theme, they are slightly different from one another. And for sure they are different from all the others you have ever seen or played. But rest easy, because the tutorials are very simple, quick and explanatory.


Also, in both games, you have a bonus minigame called Chip Crash, a casual match-3 that's enjoyable to play, and in addition to relaxing, you can win funyens, the currency that will be used to buy chips in the main game.


Download for free and have fun with your friends. You can shop within the app.


Available in Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Download it now:

Download it now:

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